January 21, 2015

Kristen Bell

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Well, this is it! My last tribute, featuring the much requested Kristen Bell. I think I have already said most of what I wanted to say on the matter of my retirement, so let's focus on this tribute and enjoy Kristen together!
To be honest, I never quite understood the popularity of Kristen Bell, but then again I missed out on the whole Veronica Mars phenomenon that is -as far as I know- the major force behind Kristen's rise to fame. She's often cast as an unfunny character in a comedy film or series. That would typically make an actor seem unlikable, but I think it speaks to Kristen's raw beauty and talent that she somehow manages to grab your attention and feel attracted to her, no matter what she does.
What brought me closer to Kristen though, was when someone ran a Kristen Bell Tribute Competition around the time I just started making tributes. I got really excited watching the entries, and decided to enter. It was the first time for me to use a printed target, because I knew I had to step up my game in order to properly compete with the best tribute artists at the time. Picking glossy photo paper turned out to be a bit of a mistake, but I believe I ended up in a respectable 4th place, which gave me the motivation to make more and better tributes!
Whatever the reason may be for Kristen being so popular among the tribute community, I am really glad I got the chance to tribute Kristen myself one more time. Obviously I had already done her for the contest, and I have seldomly tributed the same celebrity twice, but seeing Kristen be so highly requested, you guys deserved a proper Kristen Bell tribute from me. I hope I have hereby met your expectations :).

With this final tribute, I hope to have compiled a great tribute archive with plenty of content for anyone to find something worth watching. If you like what you see, I hope my work is an invitation to try to make your own tribute(s) someday. You don't need a fancy camera, you don't need a fancy printer and you don't even need to share it if you don't want to. All you need is a picture and your already hard cock. I have absolutely no regrets taking that first step a few years ago, and it was best wank I'd ever had; beaten multiple times by several subsequent tributes. So treat yourself, and possibly others as well ;). Remember that we're all here to celebrate the female beauty and to simply enjoy ourselves. Please continue to do so in my absence; find other tributers in my Blogroll for new content, come back to browse my archive, or like I said, start making tributes yourself!
Enjoy, and farewell!


January 07, 2015

Hilary Duff

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Ever since I started making tributes, I knew that I wanted to tribute Hilary Duff. She's still my all-time favorite celebrity girl, mainly due to the fact that I fell in love with Hilary growing up, watching her on TV every day. She's the same age as I am as well, so we both matured simultaneously. As Hilary got sexier, my dick got larger, harder and my cum more plentiful. Admittedly, she's not as culturally relevant as she used to be anymore these days; most we get to see of her are paparazzi shots of Hilary taking her luscious ass out for a walk on the streets of Hollywood. Oh and she's picked up her music career again I guess, but as much as I love that woman, I do not share that taste in music, so I prefer watching the music videos with the sound muted :).
Anyhow, I remember debating on whether I should pick Hilary for my very first tribute and ultimately deciding against it. I was terrified that I would end up doing her a disservice, knowing that if I were to continue, I would improve my skills and therefore make subsequent girls better tributes, while Hilary deserved as much, if not more. And so I put off tributing miss Duff for almost 3 years, until now. I finally felt ready, but at the same time kind of nervous. This would be my last tribute, at least for the foreseeable future, so I wanted to make it special, but at the same time I kind of didn't. Looking back at my work, as well as reflecting on my own preferences in tributes, I've come to realize that I value consistency over anything else. For the same reason I didn't want to tribute Hilary for all these years in fear of making her my worst tribute, I also didn't want to diminish all the other girls by making this one overly spectacular.
Looking at this tribute, then, I think I have achieved that aim perfectly. Of course, I secretly wish I could've blasted her like Angelina Jolie or Jane Seymour, but Hilary got a great cumshot out of me and on a technical level, everything came together (no pun intended) perfectly. If you ever want to summarize my body of work with just one tribute, I think this should be the one, which means I still managed to give my beloved Hilary a very special tribute ;).
What makes me even happier about it, is that it is so fitting for Hilary as well. She was one of the first child stars of this generation, along with Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes, and followed by Miley Cyrus. We all know how those girls ended up. But not Hilary. Hilary didn't lose herself to drugs, didn't fuck a wrecking ball, she just remained the same cute, sexy and talented girl she was 10 years ago, only getting better with age. You can easily masturbate to any photo of Hilary, taken at any time, instead of having to hunt down one with the right angle, lighting and make-up to make the girl attractive.
I have aspired to be like that with my tributes; I wanted to make tributes that you can always come back to if you are in need of a wank but don't want to risk killing your mood by having to suffer through shaky, blurry, badly lit videos and pictures. A huge thanks to everybody who have told me that I have achieved exactly that, and I hope to have been an inspiration to new tributers because of it as well.

I planned this tribute to be my last, but I decided that I would instead end with Kristen Bell, as voted for by you, my much respected fans. Hilary Duff was a personal choice, but in the end I'm doing all this for you, so I want my last tribute to reflect that as well. See you next time!


January 03, 2015

Kari Byron

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When the Mythbusters announced that Kari, Grant and Tory wouldn't be returning in the next season, I was utterly shocked. It came as a total surprise for everybody and I found it to be the worst possible ending to an already disappointing season of the show. Of course, the largest reason to be upset is the notion that Kari Byron is leaving; she provided a healthy female perspective to the mythbusting, as well as a beautiful physique to look at.
Now, I am somewhat familiar with the goings on in TV production, so in all honesty I fully understand the notion that the show needed to tighten their budget and bringing the show closer to its roots is a pretty logical step to take. Like I said, I thought last season was pretty disappointing because it was more about the final explosions and not so much the build process. Cramming more than 2 or 3 myths into one episode just lost that whole thought process part that I think attracted a lot of people to the show in the first place. The explosions are just the payoff, the cherry on the cake. Skipping the cake and just offer a bunch of cherries isn't the same. So on the one hand I am hopeful that with this new direction, the show will be forced to go back to that, but on the other I can't understand how that couldn't be achieved without getting rid of Kari, Grant and Tory. I can only imagine this next season will be one of the last, because Mythbusters will undoubtedly get much less views. No eyecandy for the men, no representation for the women. It's everyone's loss.

Ranting aside, I'm very grateful that I got to reprise Kari now that she's still fresh in everyone's mind. Of course I hope to see her again hosting different shows, but seeing that she's a 40 year old mom with a kid that's going to require more attention, I fear that Kari won't be gracing our screens too often anymore :(. So I think this is the perfect time to tribute Kari as a thanks for all her work over the past years, nourishing both our brains and our dicks.
If you watch the video, you will notice that I've done two attempts at this tribute. My first one felt a bit lackluster to me, so in good Mythbuster tradition of failure being always an option, I thought I'd keep the video for that, but try again to just get a bigger cum explosion. All in all, a fitting and worthy tribute to a fan favorite. Thanks for voting! And happy new year ;).


December 30, 2014


Hi all, just a quick update. I've been quite busy over the past few days dealing with friend and family visits and stuff, as I suppose is to be expected during the holidays. However some unexpected visits and sleepovers have really cut into my tribute making time. Not to worry, I am doing fine on my goal to finish my last tribute by the end of the year, it's just that the editing and posting takes a bit more time. Besides, I think it's only fair to give all the remaining girls a proper amount of time in the spotlight before posting the next.
To give you a teaser on what's to come:

Thank you for your patience, and have a splendid start to the new year!


December 22, 2014

From the archives: Maria Sharapova

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It's the holiday season, so I figured I'd make a nice festive tribute to celebrate. Then I realized I've already made one a couple of years ago, for a special contest on the old Cum On Pictures Forum. I've always kept it as an exclusive treat, but following the closure of the forum and my subsequent decision to republish my work here, I thought I'd better share this old one instead. Not in the last place because it is a tribute to my tennis #1 Maria Sharapova.
Actually, I can't believe I haven't put this up earlier in any form; Maria is not just my favorite tennis player, a fraction ahead of Ana Ivanovic, but also on my list of favorite women of all time in general. I'm a tall guy (6'5"), so as much as I like the physique of celebs like Hilary Duff, Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere, imagining having sex with them is always a bit awkward due to the height difference. In contrast, here we have a Russian goddess, standing 6'2" tall, with a body like a supermodel, if that model were to eat some steaks and sausages like real people. It's no wonder that she's become this glamorous superstar that's probably even more successful off the court, with all the model contracts and sponsorships, than she is on it. Sometimes I read about how this makes her a bit of a diva, but as long as I just get to enjoy the pictures, she'll always make my dick throb with excitement.
I hope you'll enjoy this special Christmas tribute; I've always liked it because at the time I was experimenting with getting my cum to be more creamy, and so I could really give Maria a nice white beard to go with her Santa hat :). Happy Holidays everybody!


December 13, 2014

Aubrey Plaza

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Miss Plaza has been on my to-do list for a very long time, but I have always been hesitant to make her a tribute because I didn't know if anyone else would really like her. I mean, Aubrey is a bit of an alternative looking girl, and she often gets typecast as an awkward character that makes you feel utterly uncomfortable to be around. That's the opposite of sexy. However, I think that with the progression of her role as April in the TV show Parks and Recreation, as well as her more 'normal' roles in recent films, she has shown that her personality is very layered. Every so often she gives you a glimpse of what's beneath the awkward, emotionless outside and I think there's a wealth of beauty and intelligence to be found there. Thankfully it seems some producers have noticed the same, which is exactly why Aubrey is getting leading roles in films, while that's not very common at all for such a typecast actress. I am therefore convinced that Aubrey will only get sexier as time goes on, shedding more and more layers and stealing more and more hearts with her undeniable talent.
So I was absolutely delighted to see Aubrey win the poll; it took away that final barrier for me to do this tribute and I think you can see my genuine excitement in the video ;). Thank you so much for voting!


December 03, 2014

Emmy Rossum

Well, this is embarrassing. Emmy Rossum is one of my biggest crushes of the past few years, so I wanted to make this a really good video tribute. So I spent some extra time re-configuring my setup to work with the lower light conditions I have now that it's winter (as you may have noticed, my latest tributes are a bit more grainier than before). Alas, on my last 'rehearsal' I fluffed up my cock to check if it looked good on my camera LCD, but in the process I locked eyes with Emmy and got completely lost in those big brown beauties. And so before I could press the record button, my cock exploded all over Emmy's face. The only thing left for me to document was the sticky aftermath.
So yea, sadly no video this week, but hopefully the pictures are enough to excite you. The stupid thing is, this is exactly why I put off making tributes to my all-time favorite celebs. I want to make it perfect, but get so overly excited that it's just doomed to fail. Sigh. I don't know if I can give Emmy a second chance; I will be running a poll next week that is themed around second chances (girls I already tributed but deserve a better one), so maybe I'll include her, otherwise the best we can do is revel in the fact that she looks happy with this one in the picture I faked :D.


November 26, 2014

Announcement: All good things...

Hi guys, no new tribute this week, only the following announcement:
Long time fans may remember that back in March, I announced my return to the tribute scene with one final 'season' of tributes. I never specified when this run would end, because I didn't know at the time and frankly I didn't expect to enjoy my comeback for as long as I have, but I have now come to the decision to no longer be making tributes after December 31st, 2014. This means you'll probably have 4, maybe 5 tributes left to look forward to. Two will be of my own choosing and the others I will leave to a poll.
In my aforementioned post I was a bit mysterious about my reasons for calling this my final season, but given the clear end date, I think it's fair to explain that my 'retirement' is part of a new years resolution to dial back on my porn habits. I know, I know, there's absolutely nothing wrong with watching porn, having fetishes and whatnot, but it does become troublesome if it turns into an addiction, which earlier this year, I realized it has for me. Masturbation has become compulsive to me and I sometimes lose entire evenings or weekends to jerking off, watching porn and/or searching for celebrity pictures. I had hoped that making tributes would, aside from just being exciting to make, aid me in finding a bit more structure because for the best results I need to save up for a day or two. But I have since mastered edging and sometimes I can even have an orgasm without cumming so I can save the load for the next day.
Alright, I know you've come here to enjoy cum soaked faces of celebs and not to take part in some AA meeting, so I'll leave it at that. Please just understand that it's genuinely bothering me and that it's not just a luxury problem considering some of you may even be lucky to be able to get off once a week. In any case, this is what informed my decision, so that's simply what you'll have to deal with.
It's been a good run, but to finish the title: all good things must come to an end. Let's go out on a bang!


November 21, 2014

Jessica Alba

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Given any game of Fuck-Marry-Kill, I'm pretty sure I'll end up marrying Jessica Alba all the time. She's such a perfect blend of flawless physique and introverted cuteness. She's such a timeless beauty that I had a hard time (giggity) finding a picture for this tribute, because Jessica looks so good in all her shots and doesn't seem to have aged a bit in 15 years. Of course, she's still relatively young today, but I see so many young actresses being physically wrecked by the fame, drugs, kids, etc. before their mid-30s. So I'm just thankful to have people like miss Alba in the world, so that guys like me can always safely search for hot images to fap to without risking the chance of seeing someone in her latest boner-killing state of decay.
Anyway, let's celebrate Jessica's beauty together by spraying our love all over that pretty face. Now I know Jessica is a bit OCD, so she may not appreciate the mess I made per-se, but I guess that just means that cumming inside her would be preferable for the both of us :P.


November 05, 2014

Ana Ivanovic

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Last week I mentioned that one of the joys in making tributes is the process of finding a suitable picture, video clip, and some general information, inevitably falling deeper in love with the celeb in question while doing so. This week I want to highlight a similar, but distinctly different reason why making tributes is so awesome.
In the past few years, I've always considered Maria Sharapova to be BY FAR the hottest tennis player in the world. So I've never even bothered to pay attention to any of her peers, because why would I if I can spend that time looking at Maria instead? Of course, that's just my personal taste and opinion, and there are plenty of people who will disagree with me. I know that, because you've told me :P. But this is the best bit: instead of this discussion ending in a typical internet fanboy flamewar, the tribute community is so positive and respectful that you can't help but empathize with the other person.
In case of Ana Ivanovic, she was but a dusty spec on my radar, mostly because I thought she suffered from what a lot of athletes suffer from, which is always looking a bit uncomfortable and awkward in formal situations like photoshoots and dress parties. I personally find that such an incredibly turn-off. But then two things changed: I started seeing more and more Ana tributes, that were incredibly hot and receiving so much love in the comments. Now I don't know about you, but that's such a massive turn-on for me; seeing a girl be loved so passionately, she must be doing something right. So her dot on my radar grew. And then one or two weeks ago I saw some pictures of Ana in Singapore, working the hell out of a sexy blue dress. Looking at some other recent pictures, I realized she's getting more and more confident in her appearance, and learning how to use her assets (read: her legs) to raise attention (read: my cock). It's the same transition Maria Sharapova made a couple of years back, and it resulted it in my unconditional love for her.
I don't know if Ana will ever replace Maria as my #1 tennis hottie, but she's definitely coming very close, very fast. Not in the last place because judging by some videos of her, she seems a hell of a lot more fun to be around than the more icy Maria. Whatever the case may be, I thought Ana definitely deserved a tribute to celebrate my newfound love for her, and how that's largely thanks to other people's tributes. Also coincidentally it's her birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday Ana!
I hope you enjoy this tribute, and lets keep inspiring each other!